Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Method to have software control and mixing of streaming video for output to a streaming media server for streaming to shoutcast tv server, cameras and MULTIPLE CAPTURE DEVICES:
This works good with a ati all in wonder, video card.
i use a svideo loop back trick i made up on a win 2000 box. Begin svideo out >svideo in.... run that in a window
on display 1...

let the desk top area spill to the right on a non existent
monitor which only displays to the svid out.
heres the LOOPS back to svid in becoming SOURCE: for real time encoding to mpeg what eva i want..

THE KICKA: I use USscreen cap to be a source in A SOFTWARE VIDEO
mixer...than i set the desk top region to capture on monitor 1....
then i send media to that region ,for me usually prerecorded vid/aud....
the i tell VIDEO MIXER 2 to use US SCREEN CAP as AN input device ...mixer output to ACTIVE MOVIE WINDOW not the mixer
window...... then i push /drag the active movie window
to the desk top region that is off screen to the right
, make it full screen. ATI tv caP thinks it is sending to
a tv ..... but its sending to svid IN . THEN I TELL TV card
to watch svid in ,, and i use the ati window to monitor and record to mpeg wuteva.....
because i am playing a mpeg media file it is pretty easy
to get FFDSHOW running for overlays and other such filters.

THE BITCH:the only issue i have now is getting the X.Y coordinates
correctly in screen cap to fit the media without stretching.
A 2nd monitor would ease the real state issue completely.

tip: set video mixer to use 2nd processor....
widows 1 cpu by default mpeg play back ,ffdshow. the same.
need mo powa!!!!
all that during mpeg cap = cpu 0 40% =1ST CPU
cpu 1 85% =2ND CPU
3gig ht
1 gig mem
128 vid mem
serial ata
over clocked.... naturaly
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