Thursday, April 1, 2010

shoutcast tv dont waste your time with craigF

But hey, if its porn you want, shoutCAST tv and winamp may be your answer.
The forums at and shoutcast tv, while populated by very many helpful people, they are moderated by a handful of guys who have only there stations in below

The amount of flame style replies to user questions is disgusting. Many of the moderators run black hat, porn, and warez sites, and delete user posts and signatures with peculiar propensity. They start flame threads about users and then delete, or edit their posts leaving the user looking foolish. Since 2004 , my entry date into shoutcast tv broadcasting i have been banned once and reinstated.I rejoined in 2006 only to be attacked by these people. After 6 mo. of watching the shoutcast tv forum participation degrade (no new posts) I find forum moderators had deleted my sig, degraded my user
status, and taken my ability to log in. After looking into this i find craigF a moderator had along with another long time user, bumped up a 4 year old flame post with my name in it, which of course is indexed by google. So, need shoutcast tv help, leave a question here, and dont waste your time at winamp looking for help, and definitley dont post a branded sig to the forum at shoutcast unless you want it stolen. Yes shoutcast streams can be ripped so watch out for that.
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