Friday, October 8, 2010

NSV stations review by TOQER

TOQER OF SHOUTCAST TV REVIEWS ROCKNTV1, OUT TO THE GUYS AT THE SHOUTCAST TV AND NSV FORUM ..TOQER OF 7 BAMBOO KARAOKI and a little stalker at the shoutcast tv forum reviews @ TOQER, and all my good friends over at the shoutcast tv, winamp forums. tHANKS LIL BUDDY, read here..

review criteria
Name says it all. If there's nothing else out there like it, it gets high marks.
This is based on if I can tune in a station or not. This also takes into account station uptime.
Stream Quality
Criteria here is based on stream settings. Are they using vp6.2 and accp? Is it a nice high bitrate?
Production Quality
Does it look like it was made with a cheapo camera? Well scripted? etc.
Overall Score
Sum of all scores.

My first review is going to be for ROCKNTV1. I've seen john many times in the NSV forums, but never really took a look at his station until today. He's a pretty enthusiastic broadcaster, and tends to give pretty good advice to fledgeling broadcasters, all around nice guy.

ROCKNTV1 is a mishmash of clips taped by john, mostly garage band stuff. When I first tuned into his stream I was greeted by a guy in nothing more than his underwear and baseball cap, drumming along to rolling stones "Beasts of burden"

After underwear beast of burden man finished, there was a lot of clips of going through some kind of theme park, some more garage bands, and just general goofyness.

Originality 98%
I would have scored it %100, except that the garage band thing has already been done by the orginal garage band NTV created by Justin Frankel and crew when they released NSV a few years back. Otherwise, great, original, entertaining content. If you're looking for a show with that "Waynes World" feel, this is the one.

Accessability 90%
I just tried tuning back in right now, and nothing. My first few times connecting went totally good, so maybe he's adding in new clips or something. Oh wait, now he's broadcasting on a different port. Weird.

Stream Quality 87%
ROCKNTV1 uses VP6.2 for video @ 80kbps, and HE-ACC at 24kbps, with the framerate locked at 15fps for a total stream bandwidth of around 105kbps. As far as I can tell, what i'm watching now is live, and most likely being broadcasted from a DSL line to a shoutcast server somewhere (most DSL caps upstream at 128kbps) Using a 2 pass encoder would totally rock his preencoded content quality.

Production Quality 95%
ROCKNTV1 isn't just limited to the waynes world basement setup, it has clips mixed in from actually going outside. As far as the production quality in his studio goes, I can tell John takes great effort in setting up his lighting. I think sound from the basement is supplied via a boom mic. All in all the production quality is pretty good.

Overall Score 92.5%
I have to say, I really like the concept. It's something I tried myself with 7 Bamboo, (getting new bands to come into the bar and play on cam) but I failed miserably where john seems to be rocking it. Good job, excellent station.

yes ladies an gents , I took this as a real feather in my tin foil hat, It;s to bad they have some very nasty mods there at shoutcast.john@ROCKNTV1 HERE'S TO YA FELLAS = Digg ThisAdd To Add To Furl Add To Reddit Fav This With Technorati Add To Yahoo MyWeb Add To Newsvine Add To Google Bookmarks Add To Bloglines Add To Ask Add To Windows Live Add To Slashdot Stumble This =