Saturday, June 18, 2011

nsv nullsoft shoutcast tv dead

SHOUTCAST DEAD Yes ladies n gents it's 2011, WINAMP, shoutcast tv and nullsoft video is on it's way out. WINAMP used to be a good media player but all are far past their prime, if it ever had one. NSV the video container for streaming of video to the shoutcast tv list has not been updated since its inception, and is far from easy to use or a stable streaming platform for that matter. The Winamp Forums SHOUTcast TV / Nullsoft Video where one could go to get help with server issues, has some very nasty administrators and has degraded to crafting certain server outputs for google consumption, that misrepresent postings on their forums. For these reasons I no longer will participate in the upkeep of the winamp player or the shoutcast dnas /dns, as they have no one to thank but there lack of curtacy any where in their forum. Smelter will have to eat his software, CraigF should throw in the towel and resign like a man. For real shoutcast streaming server for video/tv help, I will continue to update this page as i have time.

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